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The St. Albans Sanatorium is located in Radford, Virginia and is known as being one of the most haunted locations on the East Coast, but the most haunted location in Virginia. Dozens of experienced, paranormal investigators have made their way to this location to experience some of the stories that have been passed along, for themselves. There have been people that go with full intentions of staying through the night, when activity is said to be extremely high, and leave much earlier because they’re overwhelmed by all of the paranormal occurrences that happen.


 The land was initially inhabited by the Powhatan, Shawnee, and Cherokee, Indian tribes. In 1775, a massacre known as The Draper’s Meadow Massacre tells a tale of a time where pioneers were captured by members of the Shawnee tribe. As you may have guessed, this story was one that was filled with brutal and cruel circumstances of death. Children were brutally killed with rocks and torturous methods were used to end the lives of people that were traveling back to their home. This one particular massacre definitely left some lingering spirits on the land, but it wasn’t the only bloodshed that happened on this plot of land.

 The Civil War also contributed to some of the action on this particular piece of land. The hill that overlooks the New River saw Confederate forces defeated in the year 1865. The battle of Newbern and Cloyd’s Mountain is the time that this space is best known for; the Union artillery bombarded the city that is now known as Radford, then a settlement known as Central Depot, from the ridge. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the last bit of torture and terror that would happen on this land.

 Afterward, in the 1900s, the space became a school for boys. St. Albans Boy School doesn’t have any reported deaths, but it was a location that did have quite a bit of terrible occurrences happen. We should clarify that while there were no records of deaths at the school, by suicide or homicide, there were plenty of deaths that did occur in the time that St. Albans was a boys school. Aside from that, rumor has it that the school itself was very competitive and that factored into the overall atmosphere of the school. Many boys that attended the school never came back because of the awful experience they had while there, nonetheless, St. Albans was still known as an incredibly prestigious school.

 Only a few years later, in 1916, Dr. J.C. King made the transformation from a boy’s school to a hospital for the mentally ill. This is when St. Albans Sanatorium came to be. This location was one of the better hospitals that mentally ill people could attend and was known for the superior, and progressive treatments that were performed. Unfortunately, there were quite a few treatments that were only being tested and resulted in death. Aside from that, there were also quite a few suicides that were recorded, and while it may not have been one of the worst places that mentally ill people could go, there were definitely circumstances that resulted in tortured souls that still haunt the space to this day.

 One of the horrible crimes that are also tied to the area is the murder of Gina Renee Hall. On June 28, 1980, a blood-stained car was found right by Hazel Hollow Road. While it did not happen in the exact same building, she is one of the spirits that connects with the paranormal investigators that come and visit.


St. Albans has had a pretty intensive history, and that’s a big part of the reason that the location is so haunted. There is no doubt that an unreal amount of blood was shed in this space. As we mentioned initially, there are so many different groups of paranormal investigators that have made their way to this sanatorium. For over a decade there have been sightings of full apparitions, figures in the form of shadows, EVP sounds recorded, objects that move and levitate without any other form of control, and so much more.

 One of the stories that people most often talk about encountering is the spirit of Gina Renee Hall. Even though this accident did not happen in the basement of the school, quite a few of the groups have talked about encountering a spirit that very clearly recognizes herself as the ghost of Gina Renee Hall.

 Another story of this building tells the tale of a woman that tried to commit suicide in one of the bathrooms. The story goes that she broke the mirror and tried to eat the broken shards of the mirror in an attempt to kill herself. When people visit this space, they see figures, floating bursts of light and have picked up recordings through their EVP recordings.

 For some, the best part of the place to visit is the bowling alley. This is one of the areas that does have a little bit more intense stories tied to it. Without being entirely sure what it is that lingers in this space, it is very well known that there is an evil entity that remains there. People have talked about seeing a set of red eyes that are floating in the space, and plenty of unexplainable movements that happen.

 These aren’t the only occurrences that we hear in the space, which is one of the reasons that it is a great place to visit for a ghost hunt. Remember, this is a place where people have not been able to stay the entire time that they planned, so it certainly is not for the faint of heart. However, if you have a passion for these types of encounters and the stories that they’re tied to, then it’s absolutely necessary that you make time to visit this haunted attraction. It is a space that you will always remember visiting, and with the help of our team and the professional equipment that we have, you’ll be able to make it an incredibly memorable experience.

 The experiences in this sanatorium are absolutely incredible and are the stories of times that make you realize just how real these types of encounters are. Ghost Hunts USA loves being able to take people to a space that does have so many unexplainable, and real encounters. Check out all of the current tours that we have scheduled right now and buy your tickets in advance so that you can join us on a ghost hunt that you’re sure to remember. Make sure to also check out the other locations that we have scheduled and sign up for one today!



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