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A house becomes your home. A place where you can treasure the special memories of your children growing up, special moments with your spouse, and the times that you laughed until you cried, but for some houses that aren’t the case. The Gill House mansion is one of the homes that screams of sadness and tortured souls that have yet to make their way to the afterlife. Ghost Hunts USA is intrigued by the stories that we’ve heard from the spirits that remain in the Gill House. So much so, that we have scheduled a few different tours that you can join us on, but first, it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into.


Built between the years of 1902 and 1904, this house belonged to Bloomer and Nellie Stewart Gill. Located in Galion, Ohio, this house is still standing and one of the main attractions in the area. The mansion was constructed by a man by the name of John King and designed by an architect by the name of Louis Kamper. The two were known for creating some astounding buildings, both for the town and for those rich enough to afford their unique designs and tasteful results. The Gill House is the only Kamper creation in the state of Ohio, and one of the two that is outside the state of Michigan. Aside from that, it’s also the only house that is still open to the public.

 The history of the Gill family was started way before the Gill house had been built. David Gill moved to the area in 1818 with his brother in law, George Wood. The duo built the first schoolhouse. David Gill was married to Catherine, and the two had a son by the name of James, and a daughter named Catherine. James was later married and had children of his own, some that passed at incredibly early ages; 18 months and 17 years. Even so, James and his wife Louisa contributed quite a bit to the success of Galion. They had purchased 160 acres of farmland right on the edge of the town, and Mr. Gill had organized a plan to divide the land and create space for different buildings on the lot. Unfortunately, he passed before it was executed, but Louisa saw his plan through. This land not only contributed greatly to the town of Galion but also to the family’s fortune.

 The family that remained in this space was very well known for their social standing, but they weren’t the only ones that left a mark in the space. Because of who they were and what they contributed to society, there were quite a few well-known people also made their way through the Gill House. Some of America’s greatest and well-known heroes, like Mark Twain and Thomas Edison, also spent some time at the Gill House. With such incredible people wanting to make their way to this location, we can’t help but be curious about the spirits that are still there.


The stories of the family that once lived here still lurk through the hallways and call out to visitors that are daring enough to visit. Dark shadows and apparitions are only some of the things that we’ve encountered while we visit the space, but they aren’t the only types of thing that we’ve been exposed to. Tons of voices have been heard ringing through the halls, unexplainable noises and objects moving, and some serious EVP recordings all confirm that this place is still active, even while it’s empty.

 With the help of mediums and high-quality equipment, we have been able to connect with some of the family members that once lived there as well as some of the people that have made time to visit in the space. Not only have people died by a decline in health at the time that they lived there, but there have also been rumored suicides and hangings that spirits have conveyed to visitors.

 The attic of the home is said to be the place where the children spent most of their time playing, and if you visit today, you can still hear a little girl laughing in the space. People who have noticed it say that it’s not an eerie laugh, but a playful one that lets you know the spirit that is with you is a friendly one.

 One of the spirits that people often talk about interacting with is those of children. EVPs have recorded the voices of children while others have heard laughter and music from children. As mediums, individuals have heard spirits talking about playing games and doing their best to interact with the people.

 What makes this space so exciting to visit is the history that remains in the space, but also that the spirits that are still here want to interact with those that visit. Some of the EVPs have captured spooky recordings of people saying that they enjoy bad things, while other mediums have mentioned that the children that linger here might not actually be children at all. It’s definitely a place that people visit and wonder what types of experience and spirits they’re going to encounter while they visit the Gill House, and each time that people visit, they do experience something else.

 Another person that we mentioned visiting the Gill House is Thomas Edison, and one of the spirits that people mention interacting with is a woman who is believed to have interacted with Thomas Edison. She is said to be intrigued by the technology that the people visiting are using to interact with the spirits and record their experience.

 Ghost Hunts USA has a few haunted tours at the Gill House scheduled. Browse our current haunted locations and allow for us to take you on a paranormal investigation like no other. So many professional paranormal investigators have taken the time to head to the Gill House. Let us give you access to the tools and location so that you can have a haunted tour you’ll always remember.


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