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The state of Indiana offers some of the most haunted locations in the United States, but one of the ones that we had to put on our list of haunted locations to visit. The history of this location, and some of the paranormal activity that people have witnessed here make it a place that we can’t help but stay away from. If you’re interested in visiting the Randolph County Infirmary,  located in Winchester, Indiana, known as a place where the living dead will gladly interact with you, then it’s time you learn more about what spiked our interest in visiting, in the first place. There are quite a bit of interesting tales that have been told from the history of the building, but also from the different spirits that people have interacted with while touring the building.


Built in 1851, the original building that stood on this ground was a home for the mentally ill. This was the first built location, but it is not the that stands today. This facility was known simply as the County Asylum, and it was run by a farmer and his wife. For a total of 500 dollars in a calendar year, the couple would remain in charge of the mentally ill and incapable that found their way to the infirmary. For the individuals that were able to work, they were put to helping the farmer and his wife ensure that the asylum was self-sufficient. Two years after it being opened, the facility was burnt down in a fire. The cause of the fire was never determined, but nearly all of the patients that had been at the infirmary were trapped in the building and died.

A second infirmary was built in it’s place in 1856, but the building itself was deemed as an unsafe facility for patients and was torn down. The structure wasn’t the main concern, but the questionable methods of treatment that were used by the caregivers of this infirmary made it something that needed to be put to an end. One of the cases that was told was of the orphan children that were being distributed out to families for manual labor. Many of the workers tried to implement the right lessons into these young children, but given the conditions of living in an infirmary, it was incredibly difficult. There were other stories of patients that were being overmedicated, being caged and tortured, and more. There were also roughly 30 buried bodies that were undocumented, found on the land of the infirmary.

Following this building was the third site, and this attempt at a home is the one that is still standing today. Built in 1899, this facility was a functioning infirmary, and remained open and functioning, up until 2008. There were separate quarters for men and women, living quarters for those that work in the facility, and plenty of other rooms that made it a pleasant facility for the quality of care that people were used to.

This building was initially designed to provide a space to live for those that were unable to take care of themselves and live alone. This facility was open to all orphans, poor, mentally ill, unstable and sick individuals that needed assistance. One of the main focuses of this infirmary was the care of elderly. Each and every caregiver that made their way to the Randolph County Infirmary changed the facility, for the better. It was an extremely successful location and was great for the people that needed help to go to. Over the years that the infirmary was open, there were quite a few people that died. Within the cemetery that is on the grounds of the infirmary, there are more than 50 unmarked graves of individuals that died in their time at Randolph Asylum.

While some of the deaths that happened in this space were due to old age, there were quite a few that were the subject of a bad case of TB. There was also the death of a person that was pushed out of a second-floor window, and multiple hangings that were said to have happened. The closing came ultimately because of a cut in the funding from the state, and an eventual decline that happened with the care that was being given. At the time that the facility closed in 2008, there were still five patients that were living in the building.

In 2015, a few years after the facility closed down for good, a man by the name of Adam Kimmel purchased it. Kimmel is a paranormal investigator and was sure that this property would provide plenty of paranormal interactions, and he certainly wasn’t wrong. This building has had plenty of encounters that people have witnessed, and they make this space one of the best places to visit when you’re looking for a paranormal investigation that will challenge you.


The man that purchased the building, Adam Kimmel, is known for so many of the paranormal investigations that he and his team go on. Known for his part on the Resident Undead mysteries, Kimmel has a team comprised of paranormal investigators and mediums that are able to actively recognize when there are spirits or ghosts lingering in the space. One of the ways that they have tried to encounter with spirits is by recreating certain events that have been said to have happened in the space so that the emotions of these spirits can be awakened.

Energies are high in this location, and they’re pretty easy to make note of when we’re visiting the various rooms in the infirmary. Power drainage and flickering lights are things that we see often when we’re in the space, and it’s impossible to deny that there are people that still haunt the rooms. Mediums that have visited the space have talked about men and women that were once patients still reaching out and asking for help while they walk around the space.

EVP devices have picked up the sounds of spirits that linger behind in the infirmary. The voices that are picked up are very open to the fact that they are available in the space and ready to talk to the people that are visiting the space. People have also seen the handles of doors shaking and smaller objects moving without there being any explanation for how they’re being moved. The energies are so incredibly evident that it’s something that people always comment on while they walk through the building. Doors slamming, the feeling of someone tugging your shirt, whispers that travel through the hallways and more have all been seen and noticed while people are visiting the space.

Every encounter that has happened is something that there is very little doubt with. The EVPs that are picked up and the shadows that people see passing through are extremely clear and easy to pickup. There’s no doubt that the energies that are lingering in this building are very aware and willing to connect with people. The basement is one of the areas that people experience the most activity. People have said that there are a couple of different spirits that are still in this space that is working together to best communicate the mysteries that remain unsolved and the stories that are unknown that the walls of this infirmary still hold.

If you’re interested in visiting the Randolph County Infirmary, then Ghost Hunts USA is who you need to do go through it with. We offer a few different dates for overnight stays at this infirmary, so find one that works with your schedule and make sure that you come out and experience some of the most intense paranormal activity around. During the stay, you’ll be able to experience some of the crazy things that we’ve encountered and maybe some things that we’ve yet to experience at all.

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