Legendary Australian 'River Monster' Spotted? – Coast to Coast AM

A recent churning in the Hawkesbury River resulted in witnesses getting their dangley bits out of the water and getting securely back on the shoreline, certain the legendary river monster was making an appearance. Authorities are convinced that it was nothing more than a seal, but since the legend tells of a creature similar to Nessie, seal or cryptid we are thrilled that the passion for water monsters remains strong. And the Australian shoreline isn’t the only location down under that’s got a mystery brewing. Unidentified Large Creature Terrorizing Australian Community. A Queensland community is being terrorized by what are best described as feral dogs, only witnesses claim the beasts remain unseen even as they attack livestock in plain sight. This is highly strange, so we’ll be keeping an eye on subsequent  reports and keep our readers posted. In the meantime, Nick Redfern is keeping busy Profiling Australia’s Mysterious Animals. The man may well be a walking encyclopedia (Everyone remembers what those are, right?), so if you want a rundown on the some of the greatest Weird Stuff the continent of Oz has to offer, click on the link and get reading. (CM)

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