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5 Reasons Kresley Cole’s Death Should Be Your Book Boyfriend


Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole // VBC ReviewNote: This article was originally published at Heroes & Heartbreakers in 2015. Even after the events of the later Arcana Chronicles books, I stand by my book boyfriend stance on Death. Aric FTW! Plus, I’m pretty ridiculously excited for the new Arcana book The Dark Calling next month.

I’m aware I look like a crazy person every time I tack on the #TeamDeath hashtag to a tweet, but I can’t help myself. Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles have me tied in knots. Both of Evie’s love interests are worthy, but somehow during the journeys in Endless Knight and Dead of Winter (no spoilers here!), I found myself falling more and more for Death.

His real name is Aric, but he can’t shake the fact he’s been the Death card for centuries. He’s cold, in pain, and so in love with Evie. I can see it, even if she struggles. So, while I totally understand those still rooting for Jack (love that Cajun, too!), I’m here to convince you Death/Aric should be your book boyfriend.


1. He’s straightforward.

We might not always like what Death says, but he’s not much for lies. When Evie accuses him of doing something with an end game, he doesn’t deny it. Ever. There’s something incredibly attractive—and a little bewildering—about someone willing to own up to their own faults and admit them openly to others.

Death doesn’t hide who he is from Evie.

2. He appreciates Evie’s strength.

Death isn’t the guy who will save you when you can save yourself. It’s not that he wouldn’t like to earn a little goodwill, but he isn’t dismissive of his potential partner’s power. He trusts that Evie can handle situations, even if she isn’t sure herself. He has faith in her, and that kind of respect can get him far with this H&Her.

3. He’s a reader.

A man with a book is hot. This one reads voraciously, and he can read in multiple languages. He’s a seeker of knowledge, and an active, curious mind is a very sexy thing.

4. He wants to be better.

He doesn’t actually want to kill people. I’ll avoid spoiler territory here, but just because he’s good at killing people doesn’t mean he gets joy from it.  He actually very much likes the idea of not having to take lives. He’s too realistic/pessimistic (depending on your stance) to think Evie’s plan to stop the game will work, but he wants it to work. That counts for something.

5. Those abs.

What? I can be shallow. Kresley Cole does a great job of describing the planes of Aric’s chest, the cut of his abs and that light dusting of a happy trail. I’m here to appreciate them. You should be, too.

So, H&Hers, where do you stand? Have you fallen for Death? Would you be willing to give Aric a chance? Do you want Evie to give that knight another opportunity to love her?

And, fine, if you’re Team Jack, feel free to talk about his sweet-talkin’ ways in the comments, but know he’s kind of a liar and some of us still need to really see him accept Evie as an equal.

If you include Dead of Winter spoilers (the ending is a big twist) below, please give people a heads up so they may avert their eyes.


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