Ghost Hunts

Strange encounters in open waters

When the still sea conspires an armor And her sullen and aborted Currents breed tiny monsters True sailing is dead Awkward instant And the first animal is jettisoned Legs furiously pumping Their stiff green gallop And heads bob up Poise Delicate Pause Consent In mute nostril agony Carefully refined And sealed over -Horse Latitudes, Poem […]

Phantoms and Monsters

Coast to Coast AM 'Bigfoot'

Recent calls to ‘Coast to Coast AM’ on the night our friend and colleague Timothy Renner was a guest: Huge Footprint Steve in Lake Tahoe, California called in to tell of his Bigfoot experience in 1982: “In 1982, I was a seasonal firefighter from the Modoc National Forest. It’s extreme northeastern California. Rather remote, kind […]


Fake News and La Madera

“I see no reason he would claim to have been misquoted on something as innocuous as the last line in the story unless that was something that he hadn’t said.” Really? I can easily think of several. And it really doesn’t matter if you can think of a reason, does it? The argument from ignorance […]